Food Safety and Recalls

Cheese Ravioli Gerber® Pasta Pick-Ups® - 03/08/2017

Gerber Products Company of Florham Park, New Jersey, is initiating a voluntary recall of Cheese Ravioli
Gerber® Pasta Pick-Ups® because the egg allergen is missing from the “Contains” statement. The full
ingredient list on the package does list “egg” as an ingredient; however, the “Contains” statement,
designed to further alert parents to allergens in the recipe, did not include “egg” as is required. Only
consumers who have an allergy or severe sensitivity to egg are at risk of serious allergic reaction if they
consume this product.

Cheese Ravioli Gerber® Pasta Pick-Ups® (UPC code: 150907) was distributed nationally through retail
stores and ecommerce and is limited to the U.S. This voluntary recall impacts all packages of the Cheese
Ravioli variety of Gerber® Pasta Pick-Ups®. All other Gerber products, including other Gerber® Pasta
Pick-Ups® varieties, are appropriately labeled.

To date, no illness has been reported due to an allergic reaction to egg.

This labeling oversight was brought to attention as a result of a consumer contact. Following their
own internal review, Gerber confirmed egg was included in the ingredient list, but was not listed in the
“Contains” statement. Gerber is in the process of updating its food package labels to make it easier for
parents to identify foods that contain allergens such as egg, milk and wheat. On updated packages, thisinformation can be found in the “Contains” statement as well as the ingredient list. Gerber regrets this oversight on our label. We encourage parents who have questions to contact us 24/7 at 1-800-510-7494.


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