Ingles Markets

Distribution Division

Ingles TruckIngles self-distributes all of its stores' merchandise, with the exception of direct store delivery product, from its distribution center on the outskirts of Asheville, North Carolina, where its headquarters is also located. The distribution center is strategically located adjacent to Interstate 40 and in close proximity to Interstate 26. To facilitate its high standards of quality and freshness, the company's highly efficient warehouse and distribution center is within 250 miles of Ingles' 200+ retail stores. This 1.6 million square foot facility houses grocery, perishable, frozen, ice manufacturing, HBC-GM operations. Nine 2-trailer and two 1-trailer state-of-the-art banana ripening rooms are just one example of the distribution division's commitment to continued technological progression. 

The warehouse typically stores in excess of 70,000 pallets of product, efficiently processing over two million cases per week in the Grocery and Perishable departments combined, and approximately 750,000 units per week in HBC-GM; supporting daily delivery schedules even during seasonably heavy supply chain demands. Our dedicated work force has risen to the challenge of meeting our goals today, and as we proceed into the future. Our company standard combines old- fashioned values with progressive vision. 

Ingles' transportation department operates a fleet of 170 tractors and 625 trailers, distributing products to every Ingles' retail location. An experienced driving force, expedited by logistical technology for scheduling and routing, provides safe and punctual delivery, seven days a week.

An aggressive 'backhaul' program maximizes fleet utilization on return trips, broadening the spectrum of product movement and virtual self-sufficiency, and represents increases in previously hidden revenue potentials. These protocols equal shelves filled with product and satisfied customers, a formula that balances with a steady financial gain as we drive into the future.