Question: My doctor has said that I need to buy low-sodium or no salt added food. What should I be looking for?

Answer: Typically “ low sodium” refers to items that have 140mg/ of sodium per serving or less. This means you will need to check the nutrition facts panel of packaged and canned items. Here is information from the American Heart Association on labeling language: Here's's Food Package Claims.

A “no salt added” product would usually be identified on the front of the packaging or by checking ingredients. .
For some good general information on finding low(er) sodium products check out this information:'s Lower-Sodium Foods: Shopping list

-Some “sneaky” sources of sodium that often people don’t think about are: sliced breads, prepared pastries like cupcakes and muffins, cookie and cake mixes, cereals and condiments

-One way to reduce sodium from canned vegetables is to rinse the canned vegetables in a colander under running water. That will get rid of about 40% of the sodium you see listed on the label.

-Look for salt-free herbal seasonings or seasonings that have less salt as a way of flavoring your foods.